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The Parenting Time Calendar

Tutorials and Demonstration Programs for the ParentingTimeCalendar

We offer a demonstration program and several tutorials you can run to learn more about our program. *

The Demonstration Program

The ParentingTimeCalendar demonstration program is a fully functional version, with printouts enabled, of our 2-year deluxe calendar program however it is restricted to a ten day trial period (starts on the installation date) during which you will only be allowed to run the program ten (10) times.   (Note: you can create as many parenting plans as you wish during each run).

Download our demonstration program to examine and test any or all of the Parenting Time Calendar program features, such as our holidays, patterns, custom patterns, and custom lists.  Our complete "Help" file is also included. Note the calendars you create while running the demo can be saved and used later when you decide to purchase the program. To download the Parenting Time Calendar demonstration program, click  Download Demo Program  (less then 10 seconds with a hi-speed link... about 10 minutes with a 56KBS dial-up connection)

Note:  If you have any problems installing our demonstration program or if you have any questions, please talk with your system administrator or send us an email (see below) and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. That's a promise!

NOTE:  Because the operations and functions of all versions of the ParentingTimeCalendar are virtually identical, we are only offering a demonstration version of our two year calendar program.

The Parenting Time Calendar Tutorials

Our tutorials are short, stand-alone-programs that demonstrate particular features of the ParentingTimeCalendar program. They can be downloaded to your hard drive and ran at your leisure or you can choose to run them while on-line. File transfer time is approximately two minutes for each of the tutorials assuming you have a 56K baud modem and a clean, uninterrupted connection. Although it's not necessary, we recommend you view the tutorials in the order in which they are shown below.

The tutorials simulate how the Parenting Time Calendar forms actually appear when the program runs and you might be tempted to click on a form as the tutorial runs. Doing so will cause the tutorial to end so, when you start a tutorial, just sit back and watch.

NOTE: Although all of the tutorials demonstrate operations with the two year calendar they are applicable to the standard and deluxe one year calendar as well because, regardless of version, operations are virtually identical.

Creating a Parenting Time Calendar  This tutorial demonstrates how to create an initial calendar. It introduces the creation wizard and introduces the preferences form. It also shows that the calendar can be started on any month of any year.

Marking day visits  This tutorial marks a few day visits. It shows how to mark specific days, and holidays as well as how to apply a simple, repetitive pattern. Applying Patterns  This tutorial applies some overnight stays and day visits demonstrating how to use our new "Odd/Even/All" and "Monthly" Patterns forms.

Creating and Applying Custom Patterns  This tutorial demonstrates how to create and apply your own custom patterns, a task that is needed for patterns that don't conveniently fall on weekly boundaries. Such patterns are often needed to accommodate the working schedules of one or more parents whose work schedules dictate their parenting times.

Creating Custom Lists  Custom lists are useful for defining unique schedules, such as national or ethnic holidays or school holiday schedules. Create your lists once per year and use them as templates for all your calendar schedules when they are applicable.

Applying Custom Lists  This tutorial demonstrates how to apply a custom list and logically follows our tutorial for "creating custom lists". Using the custom list created in the "creating custom Lists" tutorial, it selects and applies six holidays, three as day visits and three as overnight stays, all in one simple operation.

*  You can be assured that our programs are virus free, contain no adware, no spyware, and no auto-dialers. We also will not track you and compile you into a mailing list and of course will not share our non-existent list with anyone else for any purpose whatsoever.  Note however that we do keep a hard copy list (that is, on paper) of our customers so that we might notify them of significant program upgrades or changes.  Lee Marvin/Marilyn Freeburn

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