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The Parenting Time Calendar Care Time Report

The Time the Child is in the Care of Each Parent

A care time report can be generated based on the information you entered on the Parenting Time Calendar parenting plan. Care time is computed for each parent and is expressed in hours and a percentage of the parenting time calendar's total hours.   To generate a child care time report you need only click on Care Time under File on the Parenting Time Calendar main form. The care time form will appear and show currently computed child care time as in the following illustration:

Based on the results of the care time report, a pie-chart can be printed showing the care time for each parent in an easy to understand format. Such as:

The ParentingTimeCalendar Care Time report and the pie-chart can be saved to your hard drive as image files in either bitmap or jpeg format (use jpeg for emailing).  They can also be printed to your printer.  If working with colors you can optionally print your Care Time reports in black and white to conserve color ink or if you have a black and white printer.

Note:   To print out the ParentingTimeCalendar Care Time report you will need a Windows(TM) compatible, graphics capable printer.

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