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The Parenting Time Calendar Full Year Single Page Printout

A Full Year of Overnight Stays and Day Visits on a Single Page

The single page calendar formats one complete year of your parenting plan and shows all overnight stays and day visits on a single page of paper. For the 2-year calendar two pieces of paper will be required (one year per page).

The single page calendar printout provides a convenient way to identify overnight stays and day visits at a glance. Overnight stays are represented by the days colored with the overnight color, day visits are represented by the small bars colored with the day visit color, and days without either an overnight or day visit are colored with the custodial color. All colors are determined by the optional choice of colors made on the "Preferences" form when the calendar was created (or subsequently changed). Note that printing full pages of color can use a lot of ink so we recommend you set the custodial color to white before printing.

You can create, work, save, and email your calendars in color then optionally print your calendars in black and white to save ink.

Depending on your printer capabilities, the one page calendar can be sized to print on any size paper stock then carried in your purse or pocket for a quick reference.

Note: To print out the one page calendar you need a Windows(TM) compatible, graphics capable printer.

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