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The Parenting Time Calendar's Patterns and Holiday Lists

Use Patterns and Lists to Quickly Mark Your Parenting Plans with your Child's

Overnight Stays and Day Visits for the Complete Year or Any Part of the Year

When children are involved, divorce agreements usually require a parenting plan that defines the child's visitation schedule with each parent. The parenting plan may include standard patterns of days such as "every other weekend", and Custom Patterns to accommodate unusual schedules. The parenting plan will also likely include some days from a standard list, such as holidays or from a Custom List such as a child's or parent's birthday. With the parenting time calendar you can easily mark your parenting plan with patterns and lists as either overnight stays or day visits for your complete parenting plan or any part of it.

This web page shows the parenting time calendar forms used for marking standard patterns and standard lists (holidays) on your calendar. Custom Patterns and Custom Lists are discussed on other pages.

The Parenting Time Calendar provides two forms for applying standard patterns for applying overnight stays and day visits to your parenting plan:

(The "Odd/Even/All Standard Pattern" form)
The Odd, Even, All form

(The "Monthly Standard Pattern Form")
The Monthly Pattern Form

At a glance, the "Odd/Even/All" and "Monthly" forms appear to be quite similar, and they are!  In either one, an application method is chosen (All/Even/Odd or "First/Second/Third...), days are marked by selecting days in the selection box, a range of days is selected (the complete parenting plan by default) and the "Apply" button is clicked. The preview button can be clicked for a visual confirmation that days were marked as desired. If the days are incorrectly marked (perhaps Odd was chosen and Even is preferred) the Remove button can be clicked, changes can be made as desired, and the days can be applied again.

The difference between the two forms is that the "Odd/Even/All" form divides the year into odd days/weeks and even days/weeks whereas the "Monthly" form selects the Nth (first, second, third, etc) occurrence of the selected days/weeks within a month.  Note that we have recently added the "fifth" (5th) selection in response to requests we received from several customers.

With multiple runs it is possible to create visitation patterns not directly supported by either of the forms. For example, a two week extended overnight can be marked by selecting the 2nd week and applying that, then selecting the 3rd week and applying that.

With the two forms, a wide variety of visitation patterns can be applied. If you have a visitation pattern that can't be applied using our Standard Pattern forms, then consider using our Custom Patterns forms. One way or the other, we've got you covered.

The Parenting Time Calendar's Holiday Lists for

the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom

The Parenting Time Calendar supports standard lists by providing a list of holidays for the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom:

U.S. Holiday List for your Parenting Plan
U.S. Holiday Form

Canadian Holiday List for your Parenting Plan
Canadian Holiday Form

United Kingdom Holidays for your Parenting Plan
Great Britain Holiday Form

Our Deluxe 2-year Parenting Time Calendar provides tabs near the top of the form that divide the holidays by years. The left tab is the first year and the right tab is the second year. Each tab is clearly labeled with the first month of the year selected (defined when the calendar was created). Our standard and single year holiday forms don't have the tabs and include holidays for only a single year.

Most standard holidays (and some not so standard) are available with our holiday lists.

To select one or more holidays, click on the tab for the desired year, then select the desired holidays you want to apply to the secondary care giver (non-custodial). Click on the "Apply" button and your parenting plan will be marked with all the selected holidays. Use the "Preview" button to confirm your results.

Note the pick up and drop off times which are filled in with values from the "Preferences" form which were defined when the calendar was created. Of course you can override the times as needed.

Check the No-Nap box to indicate that the child will NOT be taking a nap during the visit if you will be calculating Quality Time (available with the deluxe and 2 year calendar versions only).

In addition to our standard list of holidays your parenting plan will likely require non-standard lists for your child's overnight stays and day visits such as your local schools days off list, or perhaps religious holidays, or holidays for a country other than those we have included. Custom lists can easily be created using the Parenting Time Calendar's "Custom Lists" form.

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