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The Main Form of the Parenting Time Calendar

Mark Individual days with Overnight Stays and Day Visits with Optional Child Care Times

The main form opens when you start the program.  It displays one month (the current month) of your parenting plan and displays a menu that provides access to all other ParentingTimeCalendars features.

Overnight Stay or Day Visit mode radio buttons (see upper left corner of the main form) enables you to mark individual days with overnight stays or day visits including a reason and optional pick up and drop off times.   As days are marked or removed, the counters and percentages of total child care time are updated in the upper right corner of the main form.

The current month can be changed by clicking on the desired month of your parenting plan using the buttons on the left side of the form.

Note that all markings, both overnight stays and day visits, apply only to the secondary care giver (non-custodial parent). Unmarked days are assigned to the primary care giver (custodial parent). In the example shown all the overnight stays (the blue days) and the day visits (the orange markings) are assigned to the secondary care giver and all the days without markings are assigned to the primary care giver.

When you start a new parenting plan you can customize your calendar by defining the beginning year and month of your parenting plan. Using the Preferences form (below) you can select overnight stay and day visit colors, the names of the primary and secondary care givers, default values for pick up and drop off times, sleep times, nap times, etc.

Use the main menu bar, near the top of the main form to access the other powerful features of the Parenting Time Calendar such as Lists (Holidays) and Patterns, Custom Lists and Custom Patterns, Care Time Reports, Quality Time Reports, Print Routines and more. To learn more about the features of the Parenting Time Calendar click the topic of your interest at the top of this page or follow the links found at the bottom of each page. If you have questions or would like to provide us feedback, please contact us and we'll respond, usually within one business day.

The Parenting Time Calendar Preferences Form

Whenever a new calendar parenting plan is started, the program "Preferences" form will appear.  Information entered on the Preferences form will be globally propagated to all the other calendar program forms eliminating the need to enter names and values as you develop your schedule.  Of course you may override these values on other forms whenever you desire.

Note you can also use the Preferences form at any time as you develop your schedule by clicking "Preferences" on the mainform main menu.

Use the Preferences form to:

  • Enter the Author and Title of the person developing the calendar schedule.  The Author and Title will be optionally displayed in the trailer on calendar printouts.
  • Set the custodial and non-custodial overnight, and day visit colors of your calendar.
    (Note: overnight stays and day visits apply to the non-custodial parent only)
  • New Feature   You can work,save, and print your calendars in colors (nice for viewing and emailing) or you can optionally print in black and white if you have a black and white printer or just want to save some ink.
  • Enter default overnight stay and day visit pick up and drop off times.  These times will propagate to all other forms and save you a lot of time.  You can of course override these values on other forms as desired. 
  • Change the parental titles from "custodial" and "non-custodial" to appropriate titles of your choosing, for example "Mother" and "Father" or "Alice" and "Pete".  Entered names will propagate to all forms as necessary.
  • Enter assumed overnight stay, and day visit times as well as sleep and nap times.  Note: The overnight stay and day visit times are used only if you do NOT enter explicit pick up and drop off times on your calendar.  Sleep time and nap time are used for quality time calculations (only available in the Parenting Time Calendar 2-Year and deluxe versions).

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