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General: Divorce/Legal links of interest to everyone
Specific: Links specific to a country, state, region, etc.
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Miscellaneous Links (not necessarily divorce or legal related)

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Links of general interest to everyone

All Things Conflict Resolution and ADR -- a conflict resolution and mediation training firm located on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, their comprehensive and user friendly website is dedicated to providing the tools and information you need to be an informed consumer. Click here for their Collaborative Divorce section. -- providing helpful divorce, custody, visitation and support information. Click here for

Child custody 911 -- Ranked #1 for custody research , Links to over 100 Child Custody Websites. Find this site at

Child custody & Divorce Resources -- State by state (all states!) links to individuals, groups,and organizations to help with the challenges of divorce and child custody. Find it at

ChildSupport101(tm) -- an innovative and informative resource site. Their intent is to simplify the very difficult job of educating and facilitating the average person who finds a need for comprehensive and accurate information and resources relating to family law matters. Go to

Divorce Help For Women -- This site is dedicated to helping women get the best outcome from their divorce. It is located at -- The source for all divorce needs including attorneys / lawyers, mediators, free child support calculator, child support enforcement, alimony, child custody, visitation, separation agreements, and specialized divorce professionals.  Goto

Divorce Interactive -- a comprehensive resource containing divorce and family law information on child support, custody, alimony and visitation issues; divorce advice; and a directory of support groups, attorneys, mediators and other divorce professionals. Goto

Divorce-Records -- Divorce Records,  Lookup public divorce records instantly. Search online for marriage and divorce records. -- State and Federal Divorce Law Directory Center. This site provides many links to state and federal resources including lawyers, mediators, and related divorce links. It is located at -- A very comprehensive state-by-state divorce informational network located at

Divorce Strategy for Men and Women -- is full of information to help you discover answers to your questions about money, property, real estate, debts, small businesses, and retirement in divorce. It's equal to 100's of hours of a lawyer's time!  Located at

ExpertLaw -- Find an expert witness, litigation support service, or private investigator with this comprehensive directory, with additional free services for expert witnesses, attorneys, and the public. Try

Family Law Software, Inc. -- Family Law Software, Inc. is dedicated to creating a very helpful web site and software to help people deal with divorce.

Find Legal Advice -- Trusted Legal Information for You  Find Legal Advice -- The largest (and most popular) indexed directory and search engine focused on children zero to seven on the net. Their mission is "to provide parents, grandparents, foster parents, and teachers with the most organized, and easiest to use index and search engine available". Goto -- Offering a legal bulletin board with an archive of questions and answers, links, job listings, legal news, chat and FAQs. Find it at

Mediation Training Institute International -- Resources for managing conflict in the workplace. Goto

Mentoring Pros(TM) -- Legal Resources for Attorneys & Law Firm Marketing --

Millennium Divorce, LLP -- A divorce and separation information services website, designed for you by divorce lawyers and family law attorneys! "Our goal is to provide you with complete divorce information on all of the confusing legal and practical issues, including separation, child custody, child support and more."    Click here for

OnLineDivorceClass -- Positive Parenting Through Divorce Class Online - Nationally court approved Positive Parenting divorce class - obtain court required certificate easily online - helpful informative articles for divorcing parents with children.

The Relationship Enhancement Center -- Counseling for Couples and Families at the REC
Provides counseling services for individuals, couples and families. Specializing in helping individuals going through divorce, parenting and re-marriage. Support is available for couples just starting out or considering marriage, as well as expectant and new parents. Check out the many services available at

Seek Legal Advice and Legal Help --  -- Providing country and state wise listing of lawyers and attorneys listed in professional categories. Offers means of seeking legal advice and gain legal help. Go To

Support Collectors "the child support people" --  -- Originally started in 1993 by a single mother who experienced firsthand the frustration of attempting to collect her support through the government's system, Support Collectors now collects child support and spousal support for clients nationwide. Best of all they are not paid until you get paid.    Find them at

Support Guidelines -- is the comprehensive resource for the interpretation and application of child support guidelines in the United States. It is designed to be an aid primarily for attorneys who wish to research the law of child support in general and child support guidelines in particular. Goto

Links specific to state, regions, etc.



Peggy Alayne Roston -- I have been practicing law in Alaska since 1977. Since 1991 my practice has focused on issues involving divorce, child custody and child support. Earlier in my career, I represented clients in commercial, business and real estate transactions and litigation. Consequently, I have the experience to handle contested divorce cases with complex financial or business valuation issues...   Visit




Anaheim Divorce Lawyer family law Attorneys Orange County, California - Orange County family law lawyers:divorce,child custody, spousal support, domestic violence...offices in Anaheim & Tustin, serving Orange, Los Angeles; Riverside Counties

Orange County

Fullerton Family Law Attorney, Fullerton Divorce Lawyer, Santa Ana, Orange County, CA Fullerton Family Law Attorney Lynn Matus-Collins - Family Law, divorce, custody, support, Wills, Trusts, Elder Law. Serving Orange County, Los Angeles County and Riverside County, California.

Child Custody Coach
Educational services, namely, seminars and meetings in the field of child custody issues and distributing course materials in connection therewith; one-on-one mentoring services for parents in the field of child custody issues.

Santa Ana:

Family Law Divorce Lawyer, Santa Ana Attorney, Orange County, CA Family Divorce Attorney Lynn Matus-Collins - Get affordable legal help in divorce, custody, support, Wills, Trusts, Elder Law, Probate. Serving Anaheim, Orange, Santa Ana, Tustin, Yorba Linda, and Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside County, California.

Orange County Barristers: Law Organization, California - Orange County Barristers is a professional legal organization for attorneys practicing 10 years or less dedicated to providing its members with high quality and affordable legal education, mentoring

Family Law Lawyer, Divorce Attorney, Santa Ana, CaliforniaFamily Law Lawyer Lynn Matus-Collins offers family legal services in Family Law, Divorce, Custody, Support, Wills, Trusts, Elder Law, Probate, in Orange, Los Angeles and Riverside County California.


California Divorce Law -- Provides information on California divorce and family law, including articles, resources, attorney directory, and a blog. -- Go to



Canada -- Ontario:

"ThePascoeDifference" -- Lawrence Pascoe is a dedicated family law lawyer in Nepean, Ontario who has assembled some excellent summaries of the law which are directed principally towards the lay person. If you are contemplating separation or divorce and live in Ontario, then  is an excellent place to surf in order to obtain pertinent family law information as it applies to the province of Ontario.    "Since 1977 I have been committed to guiding you through life’s and death’s overwhelming events in innovative, client-oriented and value added ways."

"Divorce Canada" -- Your legal resource for divorce and family law in Ontario, Canada. Their web site is


Canada -- Toronto:

"Gene C. Colman - Family Law Centre -- " Serving Toronto, Oshawa, Newmarket, Barrie, Brampton, Milton, Hamilton, and on occasion, locations further afield. Mr. Colman does best for clients who have challenging situations. He welcomes challenging situations where the issues are complex (or at least somewhat complicated). Mr. Colman offers 25 years of family law expertise which includes extensive legal research and writing. "I particularly enjoy handling appeals from lower court decisions where there is a substantial legal issue that requires resolution by the higher court.  Contact Mr. Colman at or just visit his website for a variety of interesting and relevant articles.


Toronto Law Firms -- Visit for Personal Injury Lawyers in Toronto providing a free consultation and valuable information surrounding Canadian law.



Colorado -- Denver:

Colorado Divorce - Mediation, Family and Divorce Law Information -- Denver, Colorado divorce attorneys - family law mediators provide award-winning resources to parents and professionals everywhere (including web exclusive child custody and parenting plan schedules, and comprehensive divorce mediation process materials) as well as the latest Colorado divorce law information. Even if you don't live in Colorado, you are likely to find valuable information at this divorce and family law website at



England -- London:

"Expert family law solicitors in London" -- Get specialist services and advise from family law solicitors based in London at




Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyer, DUI Defense, and Family Law Attorney A. Jay Fowinkle As an experienced Orlando criminal defense lawyer, DUI Defense and Family law attorney, A.Jay Fowinkle is committed to helping all your Central Florida legal needs and being your Advocate in your time of need. Contact me today for more information.



Des Moines:

Iowa Attorney, Des Moines Lawyer, Ginkens Law Firm – represents plaintiffs in matters of personal injury; and, individuals involved in divorce and family issues or personal and business bankruptcy.



Michigan -- Oakland, Macomb and Wayne County:

Ellen Paynter, Attorney -- Affordable and Experienced Michigan Family Law Attorney. Representing clients in Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne County Michigan. Provides comprehensive legal advice and representation in Divorce, Separation, Property Settlement, Child Support, Child custody, Child visitation, Spousal Support / Alimony, and Paternity matters.  Free initial phone consultation. Visit




"Maki Mediation" -- Maki Mediation can assist you through services such as mediation, parenting time expeditor, parenting consultant and parenting coaching. Visit

New York:


New York:

"New York Divorce Attorney" -- Jean M. Mahserjian, Esq., PC (and associates) provides New York uncontested divorce services statewide and traditional New York divorce, custody, child support and property division services via litigation, mediation, and negotiation in all upstate counties. Find her at

Limmer & Associates - Criminal Lawyers -serving the New York area -- New York Attorneys serving the public in criminal, bankruptcy, personal injury, divorce, and civil litigation - Limmer & Associates. -- Go to Criminal Lawyers - Limmer & Associates - serving the New York area

North Carolina:


Stepp Lehnhardt Law Group, P.C. -- Stepp Lehnhardt Law Group, P.C. is located in the heart of Monroe, North Carolina. We serve all of Union County in a variety of legal matters, including all areas of family law (Divorce, Separation Agreements, Child Custody, Child Support, Prenuptial Agreements, Equitable Distribution, Post Separation Support, Annulments, Alimony, Domestic Violence, Name Changes, Visitation, Guardianship, Paternity, Adoptions)...



"Elaine Smith-Koop" -- It can be very challenging facing a family law matter such as a child custody dispute or a divorce. The Law Office of Elaine Smith-Koop understands how overwhelming these sensitive situations may be and how strenuous the dispute can be on the family. My family law office offers more than 15 years of legal experience and works diligently to resolve these family matters.

"Instant Law" -- Kevin C. Gage, Attorney at Law "Instant Law" is my family law legal research business, available to lawyers only. I can provide an instant and accurate response to nearly any question an attorney might have relating to Oregon divorce and family law. Located at




Dallas Attorneys - Dallas divorce attorney offering divorce, complex property division and all aspects of divorce proceedings in Dallas, Plano, Denton, Mckinney Texas.

"Dallas Divorce Lawyer -- Michael P. Granata" Dallas and Texas Divorce and Family Law, Child Support, Child custody, Alimony, Divorce. CALL (214)977-9050 FOR YOUR FREE 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION. Visit my web site at


Janet M. Denton -- My mission is to make the legal process as simple and painless as possible while protecting my clients to the fullest degree. My cases involve divorce, custody, child support, property division, and adoption.


Mr. Carl Selesky's areas of concentration are personal injury, insurance disputes, all facets of family law, consumer law, business litigation, and criminal law. However, the practice is not limited to these areas. Contact Carl Selesky at for your legal needs and a free consultation.

North Carolina:



"Law Firm Gena Walling McCray, Attorney and Counselor at Law" -- When you have a legal problem, you want to feel confident that the attorney you hire has the skill and experience to identify all the legal issues involved. Gena McCray not only helps you understand the legal aspects of your situation, but discusses broader issues to help you make the best decisions in difficult times. Serves clients in Louisburg, and Franklin, Granville, Vance and Wake Counties.




Seattle Divorce Attorneys Goldberg and Jones specializing in the rights of men child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, and modifications.

The McKinley Irvin law firm in Seattle, Washington for Family Law Attorneys and Professional Legal Representation at



Chesapeake Divorce Attorney  We are Virginia Divorce lawyers based in Norfolk, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, and Suffolk,who are here to help.

Other Legal Links (not related to divorce)

Defective Car Lawyers:

Wrongful death, brain injury, spinal cord injury lawsuits for defective automobiles. Crashworthiness lawsuits. Contact the law offices of Eisenberg, Rothweiler, Schleifer, Weinstein & Winkler at to get a free analysis of your vehicle crash worthy inquiry. URL is    (Crashworthiness refers to the protection that a motor vehicle provides drivers and passengers in a car accident.)

San Francisco Lawyer David Wise (Criminal Law):

San Francisco Lawyer David Wise is a Criminal Lawyer in San Francisco, Oakland, Alameda, Marin and San Mateo Counties. He specializes in DUI, Three Strikes, Domestic violence, and more. Located at

Social Security Disability Benefit:

Information on Social Security Disability Benefits, how to apply and win. Find a Disability lawyer in your area. Free SSDI & SSI case evaluation. Go To

Miscellaneous Links (not necessarily divorce or legal related)

Christian Dating Service:

Christian Dating Service| Christian Matchmaking | Christian....Personal ads for single Christians. Offers monthly local community service projects nationwide. Trains members in relationship skills and spiritual growth.


Want to know how you can create your own Petition? At we can teach you all you need to know to get the best results. Try

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