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About Us

Marilyn Freeburn is a legal assistant working in Salem, Oregon. I'm Lee Marvin and I have a deep appreciation of computers having worked on them most of my life of which the last twenty years was with Intel Corporation.

Marilyn and I met at a dinner in Salem and I mentioned how great computers were and described how they could perform so many mundane tasks to make our lives easier. I suggested Marilyn think about her work and try to identify some task that might make a good computer application.

After a few minutes thought, Marilyn suggested we look at parenting plans and she showed me a plan she was working on. Calendar pages were spread across the top of her desk with Xs and Os marked all over them. She described how she had to mark overnight stays and day visits and total them to create a plan that was fair and equitable to both parents. There were signs of lots of changes and erasing. If the parents didn't like the plan she might have to make more changes or even start all over.

I wrote a simple P.C. Windows application that could display one calendar year, beginning on January, and allow her to mark and count overnight stays and day visits. She found it very useful and it saved her lots of time and effort. But, she said, it would be more useful if I could just add this. So I added this. And it would be even more useful, she said, if I could just add that. So I added that. The next thing you know we had a very useful application and the ParentingTimeCalendar was born. We decided to form a partnership and offer the ParentingTimeCalendar on the web.

Over time the ParentingTimeCalendar has undergone some tremendous changes. We have received valuable feedback from customers and prospective customers at the Oregon CLE held annually in Lincoln City, Oregon. We have sold the ParentingTimeCalendar to locations across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom and received valuable feedback from our customers. Many of the suggestions we have received, along with innovations of our own, have been incorporated into the ParentingTimeCalendar making it the program that it is today. For example it has gone from a single year calendar starting in January to a one year calendar starting with any month, then to a two year calendar starting with any month. We have added custom lists, custom patterns, care time reports and quality time reports.

Throughout this time, and with all the changes we've made to the ParentingTimeCalendar, we have maintained backward compatibility so that early customers wishing to update can do so with the confidence that their work in progress can be directly transferred to our latest version. It has been exciting, fun, and sometimes frustrating and we expect it to remain so into the future.

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