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Actual Customer Parenting Time Calendar Testimonials

We proudly present some unsolicited testimonials that we have received from a few of our customers. Believe it or not, many of them were received long before major features and enhancements were added to the Parenting Time Calendar program.

The following are actual, quoted, testimonials and we are grateful to our customers who allow us to post their comments.

I love this calendar!  It is easy to input, revise and print the calendar.  I have used it for many, many years and it is the best product!  I would not like to work for any attorney who does not use this product in their family law practice.

Lorna -- paralegal at a law office in Newberg, Oregon (May 16, 2011)

Got it - installed and working as advertised.

I admit we are still in the learning stage, but so far we've used our plans created in the demo program to brief Juvenile judges, attorneys we work with, and the local chancery court judges. I can't begin to describe the improvement that we have seen in contentious mediations when we are able to defuse often ridiculous arguments over small amounts of time. Now we are able to show what we are trying to say and do on a calendar device hoping they (often angry parents) can focus on a verbal concept. Having tried several other programs yours is the best and most "user friendly" we have found.

My only complaint is that we have done over 650 mediations without the benefit of this tool. Seriously, I will continue to keep you apprised of our work with the program and any potential mods that could aid the end user.

Again, thank you for a well thought out and much needed product.

Wes & Anna Moreland
Moreland Mediation
Kingsport, TN

I put together the judge's complicated visitation schedule in minutes! The print outs are clear, neat and informative. Thank you again for working around the PayPal problem so that I could download the program. Will let other attorneys know about it so they won't present copies of sloppy handouts scribbled on the drugstore's free calendars when client's are working toward a resolution. Much success to you both.

Willafay H. McKenna, Attorney-at-Law
Williamsburg, Virginia

As a recently divorced parent I cannot express how helpful the "Parenting Time Calendar" has been for me in organizing my parenting time schedule for my son. This program is quick and user friendly. I can view the entire calendar year on one page or view month by month. Not only does the program show the dates of visitation and special occasions, but it also calculates the percentage of parenting time in any given year. An indispensable tool for parents.

Dr. Tracy Powell, Oregon

...Great improvements!!! Yes, I would like to take advantage of the upgrade. My paralegal, Franchesca loves it too.  I have told many of my colleagues about the program and have successfully used it in court!!!!

Barbara Kuehn, Attorney and Mediator
San Mateo,California

...I have been so pleased with the program, every time I use it in a divorce (or nearly every time) I get the opposing counsel to ask me where I got the program. So Far, I believe (lawyers names withheld) have both been so impressed, that they have purchased. If all family lawyers would get on the ball, we wouldn't have as many contempts.
Thank you again, it is a great program.

Kim Brooks, Idaho

I can't say enough in praise of your "Parenting Time Calendar" software. With the myriad of different parenting plans in the many cases I handle, accurately displaying the calendar for each parenting plan is of immense importance in calculating the child support appropriately and in showing as well the fairness of time for the visiting parent.

This software has saved me hundreds of hours of drudgery in computing the parenting time of each parent based on the adopted plans. In literally moments, I can generate an accurate calendar of the visitation times and dates and then print it in several different formats for the benefit of the parties or the court. I can provide on one page a summary of a whole year of visitation together with a computation of the overnights for calculating child support. And, to top it off, it is easy to use with understandable directions and data input cues. It is wonderful! You have spoiled me, I can't imagine practicing domestic relations law without it.

John D. Peterson
Peterson & Peterson
Hillsboro, Oregon

I have specialized in Divorce and Family Law for 23 years. I use the Parenting Time Calendar for developing my parenting plans, and I highly recommend it for use by others. I especially like entering information into the Parenting Time Calendar Program because using the program's lists, holidays and preview functions, it is significantly easier than with other programs I have tried, even the more expensive programs.

The "Standard Calendar Format" of the program is especially important to me because it allows the judge to assess at a glance the nature of the parenting plan. The judge can see the parenting plan for the entire year on a single page.

Technical support for the program has been easily and readily available although the program is so easy to use that technical support is rarely needed.

Kevin C. Gage
Salem, Oregon

"I want to commend you on this program. Beautiful!"

Greg Eckert
Upper Montclair
New Jersey.

"We've used your program 3 times already and have rave reviews... we love it"

Dan C. Devine Sr., Family Law Attorney
Oakland County, Michigan

"The parenting time calendar is an extremely useful tool for family law attorneys and all divorced parents. The use of color and ability to change the label from custodial/non-custodial to something less adversarial like "mom" or "dad" is great. With the colors and labels, it would be a useful tool for children as well to keep track of their schedules."

Craig E. Feringa, Attorney
Mt. Clemens, Michigan

"Easy to use. ...great demonstrative tool for clients and the court..."

(Name withheld by request)

"I used your program again. The program is so easy to use. While in court (I) had my client come in and input entries. Great use of her time and saved fees as well."

(Name withheld by request)

"It really is easy to use. Saves time"

(Name withheld by request)

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