Calendar Demo Download Instructions

***** IMPORTANT *****

Current ParentingTimeCalendar program users should NOT download and install the demo program. If you are a current user and want to try the demo, please send us an e-mail (see below) for special instructions.


Please print and read this page before downloading and to use for later reference.

Note:  Your successful download and installation of our demonstration program is very important to us. Please send us an e-mail (see below) if you have any problems, concerns or questions. We will respond within one business day and most often on the same day. Thanks.

Note:  If you have any problems installing or running our demonstration program you may need "administrator" privileges depending on your system settings and the version of Windows you are running. If you have any questions, please talk with your system administrator or send us an email (see below) and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. That's a promise!

Please note that we currently have a demo program for our 2 year Parenting Time program only.   Please proceed to try out the demo program however even if your interest is in a single year version as the 2-yr and single year versions are virtually identical to operate.

Download and Installation Instructions:

We offer two versions of the download, "instdemo2yr.exe" and "instdemo2yrlong.exe". The difference between the two is that the long version includes the tutorials. You may wish to download the short version if you have a dial-up modem.

1. Please turn off any virus scanning software running on your
   system that might cause the download to fail, then click

      >> here <<   to download the calendar demonstration package
   "instdemo2yr.exe" (short version without tutorials) to a folder
   on your hard drive.
   (Less than 10 seconds with a hi-speed link)
   (About 10 minutes with a 56KBS dial-up modem)


      >> here <<   to download the calendar demonstration package
   "instdemo2yrlong.exe" (long version with tutorials) to a folder
   on your hard drive.
   (Less than 20 seconds with a hi-speed link)
   (About 45 minutes with a 56KBS dial-up modem)

   Write down the file name you selected (instdemo2yr.exe or
   instdemo2yrlong.exe) and the folder where you are downloading
   the file as you will need to locate it later.

(After downloading is complete you may disconnect from the
web as the rest of these instructions may be performed off line.)

2. Please stop all other windows programs from running before
   proceeding to step 3, especially any virus scanning
   software that might cause the installation to fail.

3. Use the Windows Explorer to locate the file you've downloaded
    (either "instdemo2yr.exe" or instdemo2yrlong.exe). Run the file
   by double-clicking on it.

    All of the required installation files should appear, the calendar
    demo should be installed, and the calendar icon should appear
    on your desktop.
If you have disabled your virus scanning software, please re-enable it now!

Congratulations! Your download and installation are complete.

Click the Calendar icon on your desktop to run the Calendar program.
Note: The demonstration package is fully functional however it is
restricted by the number of times it can be ran, and how long it
will remain active on your system. Downloading and installing the
program will allow you to run the program ten times within a ten
day trial period that starts on the day you install the program.
After you have ran the program ten times, or ten days have passed,
whichever comes first, the program will disable itself so please
observe and learn as much as you can about the program each time
you run it.
Questions? Problems? Concerns? Send us an e-mail to:



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