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Welcome to the Parenting Time Calendar

For developing Parenting Plans / Child Visitation Plans with

Overnight Stay and Day Visit Counters and Percentages

Moving Child
The easiest way to create a parenting plan for your child!


We are sad to report that Lee Marvin has passed away as of August 2016.

Develop your parenting plans in minutes! With the ParentingTimeCalendar you can quickly and easily mark your parenting plans with overnight stays and day visits by marking each day individually or by using our advanced tool set such as standard patterns and holidays, custom lists, custom patterns, and more. All your child's overnight stay and day visit marks will automatically be counted along with percentage calculations for each. Generate care time reports, hourly distribution reports, and quality time reports in an easy to comprehend pie chart format.

No annual updates are required. Ever! Purchase the program once and create as many calendars as you want for all the years of your choosing, from the year 1000 until 2999, as long as you are running a compatible version of Microsoft Windows.

Get rid of the paper! No more erasing or starting over because of some small change.   No more flipping through calendars to find out when a holiday falls.  (And we include holidays for Canada, and the United Kingdom as well as U.S. holidays).  No more figuring the same vacation schedules over and over for each parenting plan you create. The Parenting Time Calendar program has been written to provide you with the most complete set of tools for creating your parenting plans and child visitation plans and it can save you hours of work generating your parenting plans.

Divorce lawyers, divorce coaches, family court facilitators, legal assistants, paralegals, mediators, marriage counselors, judges, and other professionals and non professionals will find the Parenting Time Calendar an invaluable tool and parents will appreciate having a clear, easy to understand, child's visitation plan with overnight stays and day visits clearly marked with optionally applied pick up and drop off times.

We offer powerful "Daily" and Standard" pattern routines with "Odd/Even/All" and "Monthly" pattern routines that provide enormous pattern flexibility and, in addition, understands the meaning of contiguous and extended overnight stays.

Default overnight stays and day visits pick up and drop off times can be applied or you can optionally define your own default pick up and drop off times. When desired, you can override the default pick up and drop off times by explicitly entering times on specific days.

You can create "Hourly Distribution" reports, "Care Time" reports and, with the Deluxe or 2-year version of the program, "Quality Time" calculations which provides a detailed comparison of each parents actual quality time with the child.

You can print your calendars (in true calendar format), hourly distribution, care time, and quality time reports or save them as images in either bitmap (.bmp) or compressed jepeg (.jpg) format for emailing to interested parties.

You can make as many calendar parenting plans (child visitation plans) as you wish without the need to purchase any additional software or annual updates.   And since the ParentingTimeCalendar installs directly on your P.C. there is no need to have web access to run the program. In fact you can install the program on your laptop and take it to court with you or take it along on your weekend jaunts and work on it whenever you wish.

We offer three versions of the ParentingTimeCalendar program for creating child visitation plans; a single year version, a single year "deluxe" version and a 2 year deluxe version.

  • The Single Year Standard version offers all the tools needed to rapidly create single year parenting plans such as patterns, custom patterns, custom lists, built in holidays, and automatic overnight stay and day visit counters.  Outputs include calendar printouts, our hourly distribution report and our care time report.
  • The Single Year Deluxe version offers all the features found in the Standard version of the ParentingTimeCalendar and in addition, performs quality time calculations based on user defined pick up and drop off times and "away times".
  • The 2 Year Deluxe version of the program offers all the features of the Standard and Deluxe versions and allows the creation of two year parenting plans.

System Resources

System Requirements: An I.B.M. compatible P.C. is required with a 486 processor or better. The program will run under all 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows including 95, 98, 2000, ME, NT, XP, Vista and Windows 7 and 8. Disk storage requirements are minimal (10 to 20 MegaBytes).

The program will also run on Mac OS X Processors 10.4.6 or later with the Apple Boot Camp software in Windows mode.

The images on our website show our two year calendar forms which in most cases are virtually identical to the single year ParentingTimeCalendar forms. Links are provided where appropriate for viewing single year forms.

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